What Is The Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test?

what is the most sensitive pregnancy test

What is the most sensitive pregnancy test? And, why do you need to find out? Compared to almost all other aspects of a pregnancy test, the sensitivity of a test is the most important thing. If a woman is expecting babies, she is willing to pay whatever it costs to find out as early as possible the result.

The pregnancy test that is taken one week after your missed period is the most accurate test. However, you still have a good chance of getting the accurate result if you take the test the day of your missed period. That leaves many women wondering what is the most sensitive pregnancy test and how sensitive it is. Then, what’s price? Are they expensive or cheap?

I. First Response Early Result

What is the most sensitive pregnancy test? First Response Early Result is one of the best today. First Response Early Result offers the test with the sensitivity of 6.3miU/ml. The test is able to accurately predict pregnancy up to 6 days earlier than that offered by other pregnancy test brands.

First Response is the #1 bestseller category of the pregnancy test in the U.S. This pregnancy test is the top choice for one reason that is offering with a sensitivity of 6.3miU/ml. How early can I take a pregnancy test from this First Response brand? This test can predict pregnancy accurately up to 6 days before a missed period due to lower miU.

what is the most sensitive pregnancy test

Furthermore, when taken on days after a missed period, this test also has a 99% accuracy rate. The advantages of this pregnancy test are detecting pregnancy up to 6 days before a missed period, low level of sensitivity, very accurate, and the most sensitive pregnancy tests on the market.

Though, First Response has the con that lines can be faint. However, its use is easy and simple. A woman just urinates in the front of this over the counter test. Then, she has to wait until the test displays one or two lines. Two lines mean you are pregnant while one line means you are not.

The test will display the result in just 3 minutes, it is easy to read and use, isn’t it? To get the best result, it is recommended that the test is used 6 days before your missed period and taken in the early morning.

First Response provides some technical and statistics specifications. The accuracy of 100% is proven by 76% of women using the First Response 5 days before their missed period. In addition, this is the best early pregnancy test before the missed period that can work 6 days before.

A 99% detection rate is seen when the test is taken 3 days after a missed period or before a missed period. The accuracy level of 96% is for women who use this test 4 days before the missed period.

Producers have not listed the exact detection rate as far as miU/ml is concerned. One study conducted by CBS showed that the First Response can predict pregnancy with only 6.5 miU/ml. However, many users say the test is the best pregnancy test for early detection. How much is a pregnancy test from this First Response brand? It costs $17 for two kits at Walgreens.com.

II. First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test

what is the most sensitive pregnancy test
1. How does it work? Consider First response digital pregnancy test as a hybrid between Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Smart Countdown and FRER. You use it in the same way as other home pregnancy tests. However, a screen will tell you “no -” if you are not pregnant or “yes +” if you are pregnant.

2. How accurate is this pregnancy test? The manufacturer said it is 99% accurate if taken one day before the expected period and 60% accurate if taken five days before.

3. Why would you like it? The fact that the pregnancy test readout reinforces your positive or negative results with plus or minus and yes or no sign. If you are eager and emotional to see the response, getting the clear answer can make all the difference.

4. What is the most sensitive pregnancy test, one of which is the First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test? Even Bumpies said that First Response Gold Digital is the most sensitive digital out there. The price for 2 pregnancy test kits is $21 at CVS.com.

Actually, there are other most sensitive pregnancy test brands, like one step pregnancy test strips which you can make reference to know that you are pregnant or not.

That’s the review of what is the most sensitive pregnancy test. If you have given birth, you can try belly binding after pregnancy to help you get your body shape as it was.