What Is The Best Home Pregnancy Test?

What you often feel when you take a home pregnancy test is you just want to take the best one. Then, maybe you cannot wait while you expect for the results, and you will be happy to have a test with very high quality and very effective to use.

With what is the best home pregnancy test, you never feel the need to do another test, unlike some of your friends, whose test results are unclear and inconclusive. Read on to learn all about what makes a great pregnancy test, recommended what is the best home pregnancy test, and how to take it.

1. Easy @ Home Pregnancy Test

what is the best home pregnancy test

We recommend the Easy @ Home Pregnancy Test primarily as what is the best home pregnancy test for great value. While it is expensive, compared to many of the top brands, they do a great job in telling you whether you’re pregnant or not.

This easy at home pregnancy test take a slightly different approach and they are easy to use. Instead of urinating above the strip, you collect the sample in the cup and use a dropper to put a small amount on the HCG test strip. You will still get a quick response, within 3-5 minutes, and the results are as accurate (99.8%) as the other at home pregnancy tests on the market. You can only detect the possibility of pregnancy the day before the missed cycle but you will get more accurate results.

2. Clearblue Pregnancy Test

what is the best home pregnancy test

Another what is the best home pregnancy test is from the brand Clearblue. It is sold in a three pack at an affordable price and from a name you can trust when you require accurate results. Clearblue Test has smart technology that shows your test work, thanks to the countdown you can see in the window. You can get answers quickly!

In addition, it has a handy flood guard, which helps prevent errors during testing. Plus, it is wide wick is ultra-absorbent, leaving your “test” area without drips or a mess and also keeping it clean. It can be taken about five days before your missed period and like any other best home pregnancy test, this home pregnancy test accuracy is 99%. It will spell pregnant or not pregnant too so that there is no confusion with the line.

3. First Response Pregnancy Test

what is the best home pregnancy test

When you try to get pregnant, First Response has to be what is the best home pregnancy test. Many people love this brand, you do not get one, not two, but three best at home pregnancy test with the pretty good price. This at-home pregnancy test is more than 99% accurate from the day you are expected to begin your cycle.

However, it can also detect pregnancy about six days sooner than your cycle would begin. This home pregnancy test has a curve so that your hand holds it comfortably and the tip widens. You can also expect to read about three minutes. It is the best seller for a reason, so check it out.

How Does a Pregnancy Test Actually Work?

You may be wondering about the science behind home pregnancy test, including the earliest home pregnancy test. Well, how do home pregnancy tests work? They work by examining the presence of the hormone. This hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and is found in your urine. What makes this hormone? It is the cells that develop in your womb.

Immediately after the fertilized egg implant in the uterine lining, the hormone immediately enters your bloodstream. It appears about six days after the egg is fertilized. That is why some pregnancy tests can detect them faster than others.

The levels of hCG in your system grow rapidly once your egg is fertilized. This really doubles every day until it reaches a certain number that can be detected by the tests. However, a missed period negative home pregnancy test could be wrong due to several factors.

That’s a review of what is the best home pregnancy test. You can choose one or all of the above tests to determine whether you are pregnant or not. After getting results you expect from the home pregnancy test, you will experience the symptoms of pregnancy. One of the symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness including nausea and vomiting. Therefore, you should learn about remedies for nausea as a precaution.