Here 10 Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

twin pregnancy symptoms

“Do I carry twins?” is one of the first questions frequently asked by newly pregnant women. In addition, there is always the potential to make this happen before it is known that only one embryo is present. To find out whether you are pregnant with multiplies or not, you need to know twin pregnancy symptoms.

The possibility of having twins is higher for women who have had fertility assistance, have previously conceived with twins, or have a family history of twins. Some kinds of fertility assisted conception indeed increase the likelihood of multiple births. Then, what are twin pregnancy symptoms?

1. Mood Swings Become Common

Due to the high levels of hormone hCG that mom-to-be’ body generates to meet the developmental requirements of your babies, mood swings become common. This will be seen from six weeks of pregnancy.

2. The Increased Level of hCG

Pregnancy is detected by elevated levels of hCG in urine or blood. If the levels are higher than the normal range, it is an indication of pregnancy with twins. Taking a pregnancy test immediately after a missed period shows a faint line confirming the pregnancy. However, you will get a dark line if you carry twins.

3. Measuring Large For Gestational Age

Perhaps large for gestational age is a sign of pregnancy with multiplies. However, it is generally accepted that a second pregnancy “shows” sooner than the first pregnancy. Therefore, it does not always show the twins. It may be more difficult to determine by yourself without prior experience or your doctor’s advice if this is the first pregnancy.

In addition, the factor to be considered is your pre-pregnancy size. Compared to bigger or heavier women, small framed and slim women will almost always begin to “show” a pregnancy sooner. Coupling a large gestational age measurement and several other factors can add your twin pregnancy symptoms and become the strong indication of identical twins pregnancy.

4. Feeling Fetal Movement Early

Until about 18 to 22 weeks, most pregnant women do not feel fetal movement. It can be argued that if you are carrying twins, you will feel the fetal movement early. Even though, many women who expect the twins claimed to feel the movement earlier than usual. Several factors to consider are as follows:

It may be difficult to determine what you really feel is indeed the fetal movement if this is the first pregnancy. Also, the cause of a strong sensation in the uterus is a single fetus who may be more active than usual. However, you may have a suspicion of sneaking or other indications that something is different from your feelings if this is your next pregnancy.

However, there are some pregnant women in their first pregnancy who don’t feel the twin move at all until the 23rd week. They cannot feel anything when the babies clearly move, turn, and kick so much during the ultrasound. Therefore, everyone is different.

5. Excessive Morning Sickness

twin pregnancy symptoms

One of twin pregnancy symptoms week by week is morning sickness which is experienced by about half of all pregnant women. In addition, some moms-to-be with multiplies report increased the severity of morning sickness but some are not. It does not mean the pregnant women will experience the double or triple dose of morning sickness just because they are pregnant with multiplies.

6. Weight Gain

There are many factors that can lead to excessive weight gain during pregnancy. One is poor eating habits. The amount of weight that a woman has to gain depends on her weight before pregnancy, body type, and height. On average, twin pregnancy weight gain is about 10 pounds more than single pregnancy weight gain.

7. Extreme Fatigue

twin pregnancy symptoms

Extreme fatigue is also the symptom of pregnancy with twins that commonly reported although this can also be caused by stress, work, and responsibilities. This may happen because the mom-to-be’ body has to provide nutrition to two or more babies.

8. A Bigger and Earlier Bump

Although pregnant women’s weight cannot be used as a sign of twins in early pregnancy, many women carrying twins said that their bellies are growing rapidly. It tells them that there is something different about their pregnancy.
According to the story of a pregnant mother with multiplies, she wore a bikini by the pool at four-month mark, and a stranger told her that she thought that she was very big in just four months. Behind the bad manner, in fact, two babies pushed bump bigger and earlier.

While the signs of twin pregnancy may help moms-to-be determine whether she is pregnant with multiplies or not, there is no right way to confirm it until the ultrasound confirms it. Mom can guess as many babies as they expect.

However, it is all just speculation until ultrasound examination. Luckily, most mothers do not have to wait long to know for sure. Twins are usually diagnosed at six to seven weeks of the pregnancy. Therefore, you can share twin pregnancy announcement to your parents, family, and friends.

9. Blood Test Results

twin pregnancy symptoms

If you are pregnant with multiplies, elevated levels of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the blood may prove it. If in an early test, there are the elevated levels of hCG hormone, you may have more than one baby but that is not certain.

Dr. Amos Grunebaum, M.D., director of obstetrics and the chief of labor and delivery at New York-Presbyterian said that moms with multiples often have elevated levels of hCG in the blood, but this also sometimes occurs in single pregnancies. There are various normal standard hCG levels for both twins and singles. Therefore, it is not certain whether a mom carries twins even as the early levels of hCG are elevated.

10. Confirmation Via Ultrasound

There is no better method for determining twin pregnancy week by week than undergoing ultrasound examination which is also called sonogram. Doctors or other professionals can usually distinguish two fetuses and two heartbeats easily on an ultrasound monitor.

At your first appointment, indeed many obstetricians perform the ultrasound as a definite confirmation of pregnancy. This is a great way to make certain whether your twin pregnancy signs are correct.

However, remember, every woman has twin pregnancy symptoms that will vary greatly. One person may have all the symptoms while others may have only one or two twin pregnancy signs. And, maybe you do not experience any twin pregnancy symptoms when you are pregnant with multiplies. After you get the good news that you have twins, you can announce to the world with pregnancy announcement ideas that you can learn in the next review.