Signs of Pregnancy During Period

signs of pregnancy during period

Many women during menstrual periods experience signs such as cramps, spots, and tender breast. Because such symptoms are also common as signs of pregnancy during a period, sometimes the women may not realize that she is pregnant. Consult your doctor if you experience signs of pregnancy during a period at other times than during menstruation. Your doctor can assess whether you are pregnant or not.

1. Bleeding

What is the difference between period and pregnancy bleeding? During PMS, usually, you will not experience bleeding or spotting. Flow feels heavier and can last up to a week when your period. If you are pregnant, mild vaginal bleeding or spotting that is usually dark brown or pink is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

It is usually not enough to fill the pads or tampons and usually occurs 10 to 14 days after conception. If compared to the normal period, the spotting during pregnancy usually lasts shorter and only a few days. Less bleeding during periods is a sign of pregnancy.

2. Mood Changes

How is a difference between PMS and pregnancy symptoms chart? During PMS, you may be offended easier and a little annoyed. You may also feel anxious and have crying spells. After your menstrual periods begin, this one of signs of pregnancy during the period usually disappears.

Get plenty of sleep and get some exercise can help relieve the pain in your PMS. However, you can experience depression if you feel sad, lack of energy, despair, or overwhelmed for two weeks or more. Be sure to talk to your doctor.

You can experience mood changes that last until you give birth if you are pregnant. During pregnancy, you are more likely to be emotional. You may be excited and ecstatic for waiting for new members of your family. You might also cry easier and have sad moments.

However, this symptom can also indicate depression, like PMS. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you think you may be depressed or if you are worried about your symptoms. The depression during pregnancy is common and should be treated.

3. Fatigue

During PMS, fatigue is common, such as sleep problems. When your menstrual period begins, this one of signs of pregnancy during the period should be lost. Getting some exercise can help reduce your fatigue and improve your sleep.

When pregnant, you will get tired easier because of the levels of hormone progesterone increase. The fatigue can last during your pregnancy and it is noticeable during the first trimester. Be sure to eat well and sleep a lot to help your body cope. The fatigue is PMS or pregnancy symptoms week before period.

4. Nausea

If your period is late, you should not expect any nausea or vomiting. While pregnant, one of the most classic and clear signs is morning sickness. A month after you are pregnant, nausea attacks often begin. Vomiting may or may not accompany nausea. The morning sickness can happen anytime. However, not all women experience morning sickness.

5. Food Cravings and Aversions

Food Cravings

You may notice that your eating habits change when your menstrual periods. You can crave salty food, candy, sugar, carbohydrates, or chocolate. Or, you may have a ravenous appetite. When you are pregnant, the cravings do not occur at the same level.

While pregnant, you may be totally uninterested in some foods and you may have specific desires. You may also aversion certain tastes and aromas, even those you like. During pregnancy, this effect can occur.

You can also have a pica, where you are compulsively eating items that have no nutritional value, such as a piece of metal, dry paint flakes, dirt, and ice. Immediately contact your doctor if you have craving for non-food items.

6. Cramping

According to, cramping is experienced by many women before and during the monthly period. The cramping is the dull or throbbing pain in the pelvic area and lower abdomen. According to the March of Dimes Health website, light cramps are normal during pregnancy but severe cramps are not the good sign.

signs of pregnancy during period should

The severe cramps during pregnancy may be the sign of premature labor, ectopic pregnancy, or miscarriage. If you have severe cramps during your pregnancy, get medical help immediately.

7. Swelling and Tender Breasts

Signs of pregnancy during a period that are also common during pregnancy are tender and swelling breasts. According to the American Pregnancy Association, one to two weeks after conception, your breasts may swell and be hurt. Hormonal imbalances during monthly periods or pregnancy cause changes in the female breast. If your breasts continue to hurt after your monthly period, consult your doctor.

8. Other Period-Like Symptoms

Period-like symptoms or symptoms of a period coming you may experience during pregnancy include sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, constipation, diarrhea, headache, bloating, and backache, according to the American Pregnancy Association. If this one of signs of pregnancy during period prevents you from completing the daily task, talk to your doctor.

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