8 Tips To Prevent Baby From Biting During Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an amazing experience for every mother. In addition, this is beneficial both for mother and baby. This moment can form a feeling of attachment between your baby and you. However, when your baby develops his biting habits while breastfeeding, it is hard for you to relax and enjoy.

Nipple bites from your baby can be very painful. This sometimes scares you with feeding sessions and will certainly affect the charm of breastfeeding. Eight ways that will help you prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding are as follows.

1. Pull The Baby Towards The Breast.

prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding

A baby breathes through his nose during breastfeeding. As he begins to bite you, pull him closer to you, rather than pulling him away from the breast. In this way, he is forced to open his mouth instinctively to breathe because his nose is blocked. Do it every time your little one bites you. Now you can pull your breasts out. The blocked nose is not a good experience for your baby. Slowly he will stop biting you.

2. Never Scream

prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding

Scaring the baby with screaming is not a good option to prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding. This can lead to a condition in which the baby refuses to breastfeed again. This condition is called “nursing strike”. On the other hand, sometimes, the baby might consider your screams as part of the game. Then, your child will start biting you repeatedly. Therefore, screaming is not an option to prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding.

3. Initiate a Letdown

A “letdown” reflex that does not work properly could be the cause of a baby biting at the beginning of breastfeeding. As a result, hungry baby who expect more milk to come will tend to bite a nipple. To prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding, massaging the breasts and doing some nipple rolls just before breastfeeding will help initiate a letdown before the baby latches himself to the breast. Another way that make he will not bite is you can try to compress the breasts while the baby is breastfeeding to help him get more milk.

4. Put In A Finger

prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding

You will know when he will bite you by watching your baby carefully. Sometimes the baby bites in the middle when the thirst or hunger initially subsides or sometimes towards the end of breastfeeding. Once you see the changes, be prepared to stop breastfeeding. Never hesitate to put your finger in the corner of the child’s mouth. Then, pull the nipple out of his mouth.

5. Maintain A Good Position

What plays an important role in healthy breastfeeding is a good position. Find out the comfortable position that suits your baby and you. Then, stick to it. This will prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding.

6. Feed Your Baby Only When He/ She Is Hungry

Breastfeeding is when the baby gets his mother for himself. Therefore, even though he is not hungry, there is the possibility that he is trying to get you to feed him. Maybe it is possible that you try to feed him first if you are going to be busy or have an activity for the next few hours. However, feeding a baby when he is not hungry increases the chances of biting. Therefore, never feed him unless he is hungry if your baby develops a biting habit. You might be able to keep baby from biting you this way.

6. Teach and Warn The Baby

prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding

You can warn and teach your baby that biting will not work anymore. For this, you do not have to scream or shout. Stop feeding and let the baby lie in bed. Let him think that you do not pay attention but keep watchful. He will get the signal and will stop biting if he bites you to attract your attention. Repeat the punishment if he bites again. The baby is smart enough to get the signal and eventually stop biting.

7. Talk To Your Baby

prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding

When feeding your baby, always talk to him. Try to maintain constant communication like humming, telling a story, or singing the whole time you feed your baby. Say strong “no” whenever his jaws tighten in order to bite. For some babies, it will work if mom gives a firm impression on her face. For some other babies, a warning sound is required. Find out what will work for your little one. Either way, the baby should be able to know the signal.

The final solution to prevent baby from biting during breastfeeding is stopping the feeding session and calmly remove him from the breast. In addition, consult your doctor for advice on what to do if your baby bites due to flu or infection. Besides your baby who often bites you during breastfeeding, another problem you will find is more weight than before pregnancy. Therefore, you also need to learn losing weight after pregnancy that will help you get back to your ideal shape.