Pregnancy Ultrasound App

Are you pregnant? Get the worldwide #1 pregnancy ultrasound app.

pregnancy ultrasound app

1. Pregnancy Ultrasound Simulator

With this pregnancy ultrasound app, you can do the ultrasound with your phone and pay attention to your baby. How to use this app: Firstly, point your phone approximately 5 inches above the body part you choose. Secondly, press the scanner button to start the scanning process.

Then, wait a minute. The results will be shown in the form of an image that will be accompanied by a short description that is easy to understand.

What to remember is do not take the result seriously because this app is just a fun pregnancy ultrasound app for android. This app is only for entertainment only and may not seek the medical diagnosis.

2. Clarius Ultrasound App

pregnancy ultrasound app

The Clarius Ultrasound app is intended for trained medical professionals to operate Clarius Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanners. All you have to do is downloading the Clarius application to a compatible Android device and then follow the instructions to create a Clarius Cloud account and connect to your Clarius Wireless Scanner.

Clarius is the only handheld ultrasound scanner that does not compromise with image quality. This pregnancy ultrasound app has automatic gain and frequency settings and is optimal for capturing images quickly because it is designed as Ultrasound Point-and-Shoot system. Or, you can use manual settings to customize the image to your liking.

Clarius ultrasound scanner is designed to illustrate the stomach and lungs. It also works for fast scans of the heart. Clarius’s linear scanner is ideal for guiding procedures such as targeted injections and nerve blocks. Please visit for more information about Clarius Scanners.

The Clarius app will also operate C7 and L7 for veterinary medicine. Please visit for more information about Clarius veterinary scanners. However, the Clarius Ultrasound Scanner requires regulatory approval in some countries. Please refer to to determine whether Clarius Ultrasound Scanners are available for sale in your area.

3. One Minute Ultrasound

One Minute Ultrasound offers instant access to an incredible amount of content, full lectures, efficient 1-Minute demonstrations, and videos demonstrate all aspects of the scans including descriptions, hand position, pathologic images, and normal images.

All these features are displayed simultaneously on the screen. Immediately press a demonstration of an ultrasound procedure that you are about to perform. It is perfect for patients who need a quick reminder of how to perform portable ultrasound machine during pregnancy.

In addition, this pregnancy ultrasound app is Ideal for ultrasound educators and learners. This app can be used to be put next to your bed when you are trying to learn about ultrasound and you do not have someone who can teach you, or just before entering the room while you are teaching someone about an ultrasound.

4. Pregnancy + By Health & Parenting Ltd

pregnancy ultrasound app

This pregnancy ultrasound app is only available for an iOS device, for iPhone and you can find this in the App Store. Want to see interactive and beautiful images for each week of pregnancy? You can join more than 15 million users who have used this pregnancy application to track their pregnancy every week. The Pregnancy + application can also be personalized for other family members, such as father, grandfather, and grandmother.

Everything you need can be found in one Pregnancy App. There are features, such as personal diary, color and scan images, daily pregnancy info, diet, exercise, and labor info, doc visits log, pregnancy weight log, baby shopping list, contraction timer, kick counter, pregnancy week by week info, baby Size visualizer, 1000s of baby names, and much more. The features in this app will support you at every stage of parenting.

However, this pregnancy ultrasound app is not intended to replace the advice of a trained medical doctor or for medical use. Health & Parenting Ltd is not responsible for the decisions you make based on information about the pregnancy that is provided by this application.

The information is provided to you on the regular basis and not as a substitute for personal medical advice. Consult your doctor or midwife if you have concerns about your pregnancy. This application expects a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

What’s New in Version 4.7.1? Some interesting additions to this latest version are better onboard flow and improved performance. After knowing the app for pregnancy ultrasound, you can understand molar pregnancy ultrasound to anticipate a mole which is a problem when you are expecting pregnancy.