4 Best Pregnancy Shoes For Swollen Feet

pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

This review will provide a list of pregnancy shoes for swollen feet. Your feet will thank you for pampering them with these great shoes, whether you are in the first trimester or the third.

I. Work Shoes

pregnancy shoes for swollen feet
Can you still wear high heels while pregnant? Instead of using high heels, you are better to wear work shoes during pregnancy. Even if you plan to work until the due date, comfortable work shoes are very important, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet.

Work can be tiring during pregnancy and with sore feet will add to your torture. That is why Dansko Work Shoes was created. Dansko makes the most comfortable work shoes for the pregnant women. Even nurses who spend 12 hours working on their feet thank these pregnancy shoes for swollen feet.

These are very durable work shoes for pregnancy that will last longer than your baby bump because they are made from premium leather. These shoes can also be stored if you consider having another child. These shoes will allow you to spend less time worrying about your feet and more time to focus on your career. Good news for career moms-to-be.

If leather work shoes do not fit your style, you will be glad to know that Dansko also makes professional sandals. There are shoes for you, whatever your job.

II. Casual Shoes

pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

Are you looking for shoes that can be used for a walk around your house? Casual shoes are the perfect one to wear around the house and they are also great for use around the park or going to the shops. These pregnancy shoes for swollen feet look pretty cute to use along with your maternity outfits. The shoes that are suitable for that are Sketchers Women’s Go Walk.

These best shoes for pregnancy are targeted exclusively at pregnant women because they fit about every criterion you can look for in maternity shoes. What is good news for pregnant women about the shoes is no shoelaces?

The first thing you will notice is how light these great shoes are because you have carried extra weight with your baby. Then, what you will notice next is how supportive and comfortable these shoes are. As before your ankles often complain, now they can carry you and your belly for days.

Once you get comfortable, you can assess yourself about these shoes. In addition, these shoes look good and are available in a variety of cute colors to match the rest of your maternity clothes. You can buy it from Amazon.

III. Boots

pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

Pregnant women can rock out in comfortable boots in Fall and Winter. When choosing boots, find the good healing support and either a wide-calf or pregnancy shoes for swollen feet with a little stretch to make room for the swelling.

You can try wearing Toms Wrap Boots. Not many people know these boots. Because it consists of shoes and wrap, you can tighten or loosen the calf of the “boot” according to how swollen you feel that day.

With these boots, the comfortable feeling will be combined with a stylish look. Not many boots can offer a pregnant woman. However, although they certainly look cute, the wrap will not be suitable for cold temperatures. You will want comfortable warm and doesn’t leak boots as you trudge through the snow to the shops to fill your wild pregnancy cravings.

IV. Athletic Shoes

pregnancy shoes for swollen feet

What if you want to exercise physically while pregnant? Pregnant women without contraindications should be encouraged to perform the regular physical activity with moderate intensity of 30 minutes or more, on the most. There are still some activities such as aerobics that you can participate in although you will not compete in hurdles or the pole volt.

You will find that your new weight gain will add extra pressure to your joints, especially if you do up and down movements. These pregnancy shoes for swollen feet will allow you to continue your fitness routine while placing minimum pressure on your body.

Regarding the problem during pregnancy, Skechers Women’s Big Idea Sneaker can help you. The sneakers are designed to fit and comfortable around your feet. Actually, there are many more shoes intended for pregnant women, one of them crocs maternity shoes.

We strongly recommend that you choose a larger size of pregnancy shoes for swollen feet to accommodate room for swelling. Besides you need comfortable shoes during pregnancy, you also need iron supplements if you have anemia or lack of blood. In addition, if you have constipation, you may need fiber supplements.