How Much Is A Pregnancy Test?


How much is a pregnancy test costHow much is a pregnancy test depends on where you are testing whether at home or with a practitioner and depends also on the type of pregnancy test. The home pregnancy test is the most common type of pregnancy test. To test the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the test will be taken using your urine.

You can usually take this type of pregnancy test from a few days before your menstrual period. During pregnancy, the body continues to produce hCG. This is why it can be done.

1. How Much is a Pregnancy Test at Home?

You can buy the home pregnancy test from various places. These include pharmacies, grocery stores, Target / Walmart, and various dollar stores. How much is a pregnancy test at Walgreens? How much is a pregnancy test at CVS, and how much is a pregnancy test at Walmart?

Although all of these tests are basically the same, for a single test, pregnancy test kit price varies from one dollar to close to twenty dollars. For some test packages, you have to spend a few dollars to close to thirty dollars.

How accurate are pregnancy tests? It certainly is different and does not depend on the price. The more expensive tests do not mean they are more accurate although they may have a variety of features you will love. For example, the digital pregnancy test that says “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”.

It may be more sophisticated compared to a typical two line or plus mark for a positive pregnancy test. Some women really like this feature rather than choosing to see whether the line is faint.

This pregnancy test kit is almost as same as the tests that are used in many doctors and midwife offices when you take the pregnancy test there. Even if you get into the office with an already positive home pregnancy test, many practitioners do not even repeat the pregnancy test. Exceptions may be made if you need a blood test or if you have pregnancy test results that may be different than you expect.

The cost of urine testing in your doctor’s office will vary. Before it is done, you should ask, even if you have insurance. Because of that, the cost may be as small as your pocket money or as much as a hundred dollars.

2. How Much is a Pregnancy Test with Blood?

Pregnancy Test with Blood

The blood test may cost more. This test also measures the hCG that present in your blood. Your practitioner may order this to see the specific number of hCG that is found in your blood or to confirm the pregnancy. He/ she can tell you something about the health of your pregnancy by looking at the specific number of hCG with repeating this test. hCG about doubles every 48 hours in normal pregnancy.

The cost of blood tests can also be covered by insurance. However, if you pay out of pocket, you need to talk to the lab that does the test about their cost. This makes these tests more expensive for most people because you will pay them separately from your doctor.

3. How Much is a Pregnancy Test Free?

There is also a place to get a low-cost pregnancy test or a free pregnancy test. This test is usually a urine pregnancy test. They may be provided by volunteers without medical knowledge. However, there are also provided by medical personnel. Through the local health department, you can usually also find sliding scale pregnancy tests.

4. Saving Money for Pregnancy Tests

To be honest, the best bet for most women is the dollar store tests. It is cheap enough so that you can buy some. Without much extra cost, this can be taken easily in the privacy of your own home. In addition, make sure to call your doctor or midwife immediately to schedule prenatal care if you have a positive pregnancy test.

That is the review of “how much is a pregnancy test”. You can take also online pregnancy test before taking the urine and blood test. Read another review about how long should you wait to take a pregnancy test to let you know when you should take the test.