How Many Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

How many ultrasounds during pregnancy? Find the answer in this review. Ultrasound technology will give you the excitement to see your baby’s first grainy images. This is because this ultrasound allows monitoring the growth and development of your baby in the womb.

Usually, how many ultrasounds during pregnancy your doctor requires depends on various factors. However, most often the obstetrician uses one during the second trimester to get a basic health assessment on your baby.

I. What is Ultrasound?

how many ultrasounds during pregnancy

Ultrasound is different from the x-rays that can pose a danger to the developing and growing baby. How ultrasounds work: ultrasounds use high-pitched sound waves that are collected by a transducer. The transducer is the device that glides across your abdomen.

A picture is created when the sound waves bounce across the baby, mom’s organ, and the surrounding structure. The transducer will produce each image that together creates your baby’s first “home video” and can stop the recording at any time to take a single picture.

Often the series of images are taken from different aspects of pregnancy: the limbs and the bone structure of your baby, your baby’s organs and how well they work, your baby’s environment, your baby’s head, a confirmation of expected due date, baby’s height and approximate size.

II. Why do I need an Ultrasound?

Trained technicians can use early pregnancy ultrasound technology to assess the various conditions and health of your baby that may not be known until birth. Potential health problems of your baby can be seen and then the steps of treatment can be taken to improve the situation.

Sometimes ultrasounds capture problems that can interfere with your health and your baby. Therefore, this needs to be addressed immediately. And, sometimes ultrasound for pregnancy may give clues about your baby’s gender and assure parents about their health of a baby.

III. How Many Ultrasounds During Pregnancy?

how many ultrasounds during pregnancy

How many ultrasounds during pregnancy are depended? Between 18 and 22 weeks, gestation is the most effective time to get ultrasounds in a healthy pregnancy. During this window of opportunity, the baby is large enough to determine growth adequately and the organs are developed to the point where technicians can assess their function.

There are other times when your doctor asks for pregnancy ultrasound schedule, including the following: to determine the position of the baby especially if the breech is a concern, to determine the due date if it is questioned, to assess the fluid levels in the uterus, to assess the growth of the placenta, monitor pregnancies of multiplies more closely to being aware of the risks of complications in pregnancy of multiple, to check on an infant who show signs of failure to develop or who is not active, to assess the possible complications of things like uterine growth that affect pregnancy (placenta previa), and to look for possible genetic problems that will affect baby’s health in the future.

According to a data in 2016 toward 308,000 pregnancies, there were trends regarding pregnancy and how many ultrasounds during pregnancy.

1. During pregnancy, most women received 3 ultrasounds. In other words, the average number of ultrasounds among 308,000 pregnancies was 3 times. These three ultrasounds tended to occur between weeks 8 to 14, weeks 20 to 22, and in the last few weeks before delivery.

2. Most pregnant women with multiplies, such as twins or triplets, received7 ultrasounds. A doctor tended to check your baby’s growth and development more often. This was because pregnancy of multiples was considered high risk.

3. Most pregnant women over the age of 35 received 4 ultrasounds. Women over the age of 35 and pregnant with multiplies received 8 ultrasounds.

Using ultrasounds safely is for decades and has given the doctors valued information that has helped improve the health and save lives of babies. Hence, why ultrasounds could be dangerous? It will be dangerous if used improperly and not by doctors and medical experts.

Make sure to ask your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about your ultrasound, including how many ultrasounds during pregnancy. After you read and understand how many ultrasounds during pregnancy, you need to know the Doppler test in pregnancy.