How Does Stress Affect Pregnancy

How Does Stress Affect Pregnancy

How does stress affect pregnancy? You who are pregnant need to know this because you will discover this during pregnancy. Early parenthood and stress definitely go hand in hand. According to a study published in Endocrinology, unnecessary stress during pregnancy should be avoided if possible because it will affect your baby’s health and your pregnancy.

It seems that stress can actually affect the microbes that are in the vagina of pregnant women, who then, during vaginal delivery, are transferred to newborn. This will lead to changes in the development of baby’s brain. As a result, these changes have an impact on the metabolic and immune systems of a baby.

In reality, researchers believe that changing intestinal microbiota is associated with a greater risk of neurodevelopmental disorders, including schizophrenia and autism.

1. Does Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Affect Pregnancy?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is when you have problems after experiencing or seeing terrible events, such as the death of a loved one, a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, abuse, or rape. People with PTSD may have stress pregnancy symptoms, such as physical responses (like a sweating or racing heartbeat) when reminded of the event, nightmares, flashbacks of the event, and serious anxiety. And, how does stress affect pregnancy in the first trimester? Read on to find out.

As many as 8 percents of 100 women may have PTSD during pregnancy. Women who have PTSD may be more likely to deliver babies with low-birth-weight or premature birth than women without PTSD. Even, women with PTSD are more likely to experience the pregnancy problems than other women who have risky health behaviors, such as taking street drugs, drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes. Doing this may increase the risk of having pregnancy issues. Therefore, talk to your provider or your mental health professional if you feel you have PTSD.

2. How Does Stress Affect Pregnancy?

It is not known exactly the effects of stress in pregnancy. However, what may play a role in causing certain pregnancy complications is certain to stress hormones. How does stress affect pregnancy? Serious or long-lasting stress can affect your immune system. This may increase the likelihood of developing the uterine infection. Then, how does stress affect pregnancy in the third trimester? Through this infection that can cause premature birth.

How you respond to a particular situation can also be affected by work stress during pregnancy. Some women cope with stress by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or smoking that can cause pregnancy problems.

How Does Stress Affect Pregnancy

3. Can High Levels Of Stress or Can Arguing During Pregnancy Harm The Baby?

Some studies show that stress can cause certain problems when the child has grown up, such as being afraid or having trouble paying attention. It is possible that stress also affects your baby’s immune system or brain development.

4. How Can I Reduce Stress During Pregnancy?

Here are some positive steps you can take. You must rest and focus on your baby. If you can relax, it is good for you and your baby, so that does not feel guilty about it. Take your time to focus on your baby bump. Sing and speak for your unborn baby. He/she can hear you from about 23 weeks. It will also help the baby and you are bound after birth.

Also, listen to your body. Sleep early if you feel tired. You need all the sleep you can get because your body is working hard to feed your unborn baby. You must have known that it would be difficult to get a break if you are a mother. However, you deserve to have time for yourself. Ask your spouse, friends or grandparents to take care of your other children.

Another way to reduce emotional stress during pregnancy is talking about it. You can always talk to your midwife if you have concerns about your baby’s well-being or personal problems. Never be afraid to tell your problem. You are more likely to get the support you need if you are honest.

Then, talk to your spouse too to reduce relationship stress during pregnancy. This is the association between pregnant and stressed by a husband. You may find that your partner has similar concerns, or you do not know your partner’s concerns. In this way, you both will feel better. Or, join in an antenatal class or exercise class and you will find other mothers who must be at the same stage of pregnancy as you. Maybe some of them have the same feelings with you.

You will feel many changes during pregnancy. Your family life, your emotions, and your body change. Although you can accept the changes, you can add new stresses to your life. When you are pregnant, this type of stress can increase the baby with low-birth weight or the possibility of having a premature baby.
Thus, the review of how does stress affect pregnancy. Therefore, what can you stress or not during pregnancy? In addition, learn about pregnancy blood test levels to check whether there are certain problems in your pregnancy.