6 Best Home Pregnancy Test DIY

homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

Home pregnancy test DIY is a cost-effective way to handle a wonder whether you are pregnant or not and also without sacrificing safety. Only usual items available at home are used in all of these tests. For a simple pregnancy test, home pregnancy test DIY is as following. In fact, they clearly indicate whether or not a reason for you to be happy. Therefore, read and help yourself.

1. Bleach Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test with bleach

A reliable method that is called homemade pregnancy test with bleach is as following. Firstly, take a container and collect your urine. Secondly, add the bleach powder to it and mix it properly to avoid bumps. It means you are pregnant if it starts to foam and fizz. However, it means you are not pregnant if there is no foam.

Because the fumes are dangerous, do not get too close to bleach. They can make you feel nauseous and dizzy when inhaled. In addition, use the concentrated soap solution to clean your hands if you touch it with your hand by mistake.

2. Sugar Pregnancy Test

Sugar can also be used for the home pregnancy test DIY. It is another common and cheap household item. Add a few spoonsful of sugar into a bowl and add urine into it. Or, you can throw your urine directly into the sugar. Then, you have to look for a sugar lump formation. It is a sign you are pregnant if the sugar forms lumps. However, you may not get pregnant if the sugar dissolves in the fluid when urine is added.

All at home pregnancy test DIY include the sugar pregnancy test, best done when urine is more concentrated or early morning urine when you wake up. In addition, keep the first urine sample today in a closed container and use it later if it is not possible to do the test in the morning. How accurate is the sugar pregnancy test? It is accurate enough.

3. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Are you surprised to see the word “toothpaste”? Toothpaste does help you do a homemade pregnancy test. All you have to make homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste is white toothpaste.

The things you need are 2 tbsp of white toothpaste. The things you need to do are as follows. Firstly, take 2 tablespoons of white toothpaste and put it in a container. Secondly, add your urine to the container. It is positive if the color of the toothpaste turns to blue. Also, if it is a positive result, the pasta will start foaming.

4. Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine sol deserve to list in homemade pregnancy test when you are listing home pregnancy test DIY. When you use pine sol, you can be sure of the accuracy of the result. Want to know more details?

The things you need are a bowl and one cup of pine sol. The things you need to do are as following. Firstly, take 1 cup of pine sol and 1 bowl. Secondly, add the pine sol into the bowl. Thirdly, add your urine into the bowl. Fourthly, notice the reaction. It is a negative result if the sol pine color unchanged. However, if it is changed, it means this DIY home pregnancy test has given you good news.

5. White Vinegar Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test with vinegar

If cost is the main consideration for you, the cheapest remedy that is used for home pregnancy test DIY is white vinegar. How to make homemade pregnancy test with vinegar? Add morning urination to a cup of white vinegar. Again wait for the color change as the positive indicator of pregnancy. Trials and errors seem to be the best recommendation in which the relative quantity of the two fluids is concerned.

6. Soap Pregnancy Test

Soap is commonly found in your home that makes it another homemade pregnancy test with soap. You can use almost any type of soap, regardless of type, fragrance, and color. It is the best part. Know how you can do this soap home pregnancy test DIY. Firstly, take a piece of soap big enough to hold in your hand. Secondly, pour your urine into soap and notice the reaction. It means you are pregnant if it forms the bubble and you are not pregnant if it does not form the bubble.

That is the review of home pregnancy test DIY. There is also homemade pregnancy test with baking soda and homemade pregnancy test with salt. Read the other reviews about how to take the pregnancy test and how early can pregnancy be detected to know when you should take the pregnancy test.