5 Healthy Energy Drinks For Pregnancy

Select the beverages and foods you consume during pregnancy. Growing a baby is a tiring job and there are some energy drinks for pregnancy that can increase mom’s energy levels naturally. Read this review to learn some energy drinks for pregnancy that will help you win the fight against pregnancy fatigue.

1. Water

energy drinks for pregnancy

What can I drink for energy while pregnant? One of the best ways to increase your energy levels during pregnancy is making sure you are hydrated. Fatigue is one of the first signs that your body is low in fluid. Then, water is a major component of blood and helps bring essential nutrients to your cells.

Very few women who are either pregnant or not actually drinks six to eight glasses of water per day. And, because your body is busy making baby amniotic fluid, when you are pregnant you should have more water. The water you drink will help continually replenish the amniotic fluid supply. Dehydration can also increase the risk of premature labor and urinary tract infections.

Feeling sick to drink plain water? Frances Largeman-Roth, author of Feed the Belly: The Pregnant Mom’s Healthy Eating Guide and registered dietician suggests adding sliced mint, lemon, lime or cucumber to your H2O or drinking coconut water to kick delicate flavor. However, the most important thing is that you love your water. The key is carrying an 8-ounce bottle with you all day and often drink it.

2. Lemonade

energy drinks for pregnancy

Lemonade fills electrolytes into your body and keeps you hydrated. It helps to overcome morning sickness. Also, it can be consumed with ginger and mint to be more relieved. In addition, this energy drinks for pregnancy is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron better. Iron is required for the formation of red blood cells. In addition, lemonade can control blood pressure.

3. Milk and Milk-Based Drinks

energy drinks for pregnancy

A glass of milk each day can help you stay fit and healthy. This is true during pregnancy and also throughout your life. Choose to drink a glass of milk, not your cup of tea. Then, you can try other dairy-based drinks like milkshake or smoothies that include the goodness of fruit and milk. Buttermilk also you can try. All of these drinks are full of vitamin B12, protein, and calcium. All is important during pregnancy for the growth of your unborn baby.

4. Coconut Water

energy drinks for pregnancy

Coconut water is one of the tropical fruits that contain many therapeutic offshoots. This energy drinks for pregnancy is a natural isotonic drink rich in electrolytes, magnesium, chloride, and potassium. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, manganese, riboflavin, and calcium. It helps bring back lost salts when sweating and also prevents dehydration. Coconut water also contains micro minerals that are well-known to lower blood pressure.

5. Fresh Fruit Juices

energy drinks for pregnancy

Fresh vegetable juices can help meet the daily nutritional intake required during pregnancy. Vegetables are a good source of folic acid, which helps prevent neural tube defects in your baby. Vegetables are also rich in vital nutrients and give a good dose of fiber. Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, and broccoli are rich in folic acid and protein.

Carrot juice is rich in beta-carotene that helps in immunity function, building body cells and tissues, and in developing your baby’s vision. However, vegetables that are eaten as solid foods are better than this energy drinks for pregnancy.

Is it safe to consume energy drink brands during pregnancy?

Are energy drinks safe during pregnancy? Different energy drink brands (like the red bull while pregnant, healthy mama energy drink, and caffeine free protein energy drink) have different ingredients that you may want to know and limit during pregnancy. What to look for is the amount of calories or carbohydrates, caffeine, sugar, and sodium.

Too much caffeine can be associated with infant growth restrictions. In addition, caffeine may trigger a potential increase in certain infant conditions later in life such as ADD or ADHD. Then, too much sodium can cause swelling in your hands and feet.

Too many carbohydrates or calories can cause excessive weight gain in pregnancy. Too much sugar can make you gain weight and feel bad when it suddenly goes down after digestion.

Therefore, you should choose energy drinks for pregnancy that are made from natural ingredients at home, not from brands which are sold on the market. In addition, to learn healthy drinks to boost energy during pregnancy, you can learn about ultrasound machine to see and hear the sound of your unborn baby.