Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

You notice two strips or “+” mark on your pregnancy test or your doctor tells you that you are pregnant? Congratulations! Maybe now you are looking for some inspiration on how to announce the news? Here are some creative and cute ways to announce pregnancy to your husband, parents, family, and friends.

If you are wondering when to tell people that you are pregnant, that is your personal choice. Most pregnant women usually wait until the pregnancy is about 12-14 weeks old to announce it on media social, like Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, usually, women will tell some people close to her first. Many women wait to announce it until they find out the baby’s gender. Here are some cute ways to announce pregnancy to your husband, parents, or social media, like Instagram and Facebook.

1. Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Husband

These brilliant ideas are inspired by knick-knacks that you can buy online even though the due date will feel too long. This pregnancy announcement idea can be easily done and shared on Facebook or Instagram.
Buy or bake your partner’s favorite dessert. He will surely be surprised by this exuberant topping. He would love to get this surprise.

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Leave one couple t-shirt on the side of your partner’s bed, with Daddy version written on it. Because maybe he’s still confused about all this, come into the room wearing your own “Mommy est 2017” t-shirt.

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Cover a bottle of fruit juice with this label and pour a glass for your spouse and you. Pretending it is champagne. Since there’s no alcohol there, maybe he’s sure it’s bad when tasting it. After that, have him check the label. Cheers!

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Give your partner who loves Scrabble an ultimate challenge by deciphering the words in this shirt. Or, better yet, you can start the real game so that you have the right letter to spell out your news.

Wait until your partner is out, then secretly dress your dog in this shirt. Join your puppy to greet him at the door when he returns. And, watch his usual expression “very happy to meet you” turn into “Wow! OMG!”

2. Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Who would be more interested in your pregnancy news than you and your partner? Of course, they are grandma and grandpa.

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Maybe handwritten notes are common but when those notes are announcement of pregnancy? The plain stationery and glittering cards will show good news, announcing that they will be a grandmother and a grandfather. Or, if you are from a family of sports fans, do ways to announce pregnancy to family in person through a baseball pregnancy announcement card. Whichever card you choose, write the card in your handwriting if possible. And, you do not want to miss their reaction.

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Let grandma know that she will want to see her grandchildren later! Send this red shirt and a homemade note.
Give your grandfather a surprise package that aims just because you love him. Then, watch his eyes light up as he pulls out this cool shirt.

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Your parents or in-laws do not drink coffee? However, they will be happy when you serve their drinks in this mug. This is a fun way to announce pregnancy to parents.

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

If you already have children, this is pregnancy announcement idea for facebook which is cute and fun. Take a shot of him or her who is holding a sonogram or a message that reveals that he or she will soon have a little brother or sister. Tell your parents that you want to show the last school photo and wait for their surprised response when they realize immediately that there is a new addition.

Other Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

1. Credit Card Ad-Announcement

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

This funny pregnancy announcement idea will definitely make you do a lot of thinking, but the result will be cute and beautiful! A lovely and cute take on the MasterCard’s ads are very popular and often fill up our television screens.

2. Movie Poster

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Everyone often sees the upcoming movie poster. They are everywhere, in advertisement, internet, television. One good idea to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family is with this fun poster. With your name as the production company ‘s name and your significant last name. Plus, the release date. Creative and cute way to announce pregnancy on Facebook!

3. We Are Prego!

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

To the point, sweet, short, and simple. This is a very fun and cute way to announce pregnancy to your family and friends. Maybe even you can cook them a delicious spaghetti dinner with a certain pasta sauce.

4. Mug Shots

Your little baby will be your newest partner in crime! By taking a photo shoot “mug shot”, share your big news! You can even take another photo after your baby is born. You can put him/her next to a sign that reveals, “I just did nine months inside!”

5. New Pair Of Genes

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

A sweet way to announce pregnancy on social media is getting a new pair of genes. For a fun twist, add the “season” of your new genes will arrive in. For example, Baby Smith: Spring / Summer Collection 2018!

6. Expiration Date

This is the perfect and cute way to announce pregnancy to other family members if you have another child. Let them know that on the expected due date, your child’s “single child” status will end. Watch their faces as they realize and read that is on the shirt.

7. Guard Dog Duty

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

If you have a beloved pooch that is part of your family, this is cute way to announce pregnancy. When your pregnancy ends, their “Guard Dog” status begins.

8. Announce The Next Generation

This is not really big news anymore when there’s always a new “generation” of smartphones or tablets coming out. But this new generation is a big surprise.

9. “Knocked Up”

It is a little different but very cute and fun. The pregnancy announcement and a pair of boxing gloves are easy to find. Fun tip: take another photo for each trimester and write on the pregnancy announcement “Rounds 1, 2 and 3!”

10. Hinting

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

This one may make your family and friends think why you sent this picture. But you definitely want to see their happy reactions after they realize what’s going on!

That is a review of cute ways to announce pregnancy. Now, you can announce your pregnancy to your spouse, parents, family, and friends in cute and fun ways. In addition, learn also the weight gain during pregnancy so that you undergo healthy pregnancy and get the healthy baby.