Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy, What Does It Mean?

cloudy urine

I. What Does Cloudy Urine Mean?

Is cloudy urine a sign of pregnancy? Actually, cloudy urine is very common both when you are pregnant or not. While cloudy urine pregnancy can occur for various reasons, some are slightly more serious and some are fairly simple.

Not enough hydration is one of the common reasons that cause cloudy urine. Usually, this cloudy urine should disappear by itself and urine changes to clear if you drink more water during the day. A related diet is another possible cause of cloudy urine. And, this is rather easy to handle by making some simple changes to your diet.

Next time, check your urine if you go to the toilet. If the urine is dark or cloudy (darker brown), you may suffer from this. You should do not have cloudy urine problem if you keep yourself hydrated enough. However, since other pregnancy symptoms can cause you to have cloudy urine, like dehydration, cloudy urine during pregnancy can be a very common thing. To find everything about it, keep reading.

II. What Are Some Causes of Cloudy Urine Pregnancy?

There are several causes why pregnant women have cloudy urine during pregnancy. Some causes are fairly simple and others may require you to trip to a doctor. It is okay to find out at home what may cause your cloudy urine. However, you should actually contact your doctor on the same day if you notice any other symptoms. Your doctor should always be involved even if it turns out there is nothing.

There is a reason you do not have MD initials while they have it in their name. Let them worry about you and get their paychecks because you are not equipped to handle this situation. Now you know not to be a hero in the face of possible medical problems. What is cloudy urine a sign of? Let’s look at the possible reasons what causes cloudy urine during pregnancy second trimester and third trimester or early in your pregnancy.

1. Hormones

cloudy urine pregnancy
Cloudy urine ovulation can be caused by increasing levels of the hormone. After the placenta is formed, your body begins producing pregnancy hormones or hCG. Until about week 11, hormone levels double every 2-3 days and then they stop. Some of the hormone causes urine to become cloudy after finding their way to the urine. If the hormone is the cause of your urine change, the hormone will return as it was before toward the end of the first trimester.

2. Dehydration

cloudy urine pregnancy
What can cause cloudy urine pregnancy is not enough to drink water. You should drink between 8 and 10 glasses per day. In addition to cloudy, dehydration often causes urine to become darker and strong smelling urine pregnancy. However, the cause is easily fixed. However, sometimes your health issues and underlying medical conditions can lead to dehydration requiring medical treatment.

3. Certain Foods

Diet changes can also trigger the problem of cloudy urine pregnancy. Some foods, including asparagus, orange juice, and dairy can also cause cloudy urine pregnancy. If you suspect the food may be the cause, noting urine changes and keeping a food diary can be a good way to keep track of whether your food can cause cloudy urine pregnancy.

4. Medications

cloudy urine pregnancy
What can also change the appearance of urine is certain medications. To know if this could be a side effect, you should read all the fine print if you take the medicine. You must alert your midwife to the medication you are currently using so that she or he can be wary of side effects.

5. UTI

UTIs or urinary tract infections can cause urine to become cloudy. UTIs can be caused by a variety of reasons, including not frequent urination. Therefore, when you need to pee, especially when you are pregnant, it is important to always go. UTI can be easily treated with the medications after being diagnosed.

6. Proteinuria

cloudy urine pregnancy
This condition sometimes arises in the first trimester although more common in the second and third trimesters. Proteinuria occurs when cloudy urine during pregnancy third trimester contains high protein concentrations. When accompanied by high blood pressure, proteinuria can be an early warning sign and indicator of preeclampsia. This requires close monitoring during your pregnancy because this is a very serious prenatal condition.

That is a review of cloudy urine pregnancy. After knowing what cloudy urine means in pregnancy, you have to know shingles during pregnancy, does it harm you and your baby or not?