Clothes To Hide Pregnancy

clothes to hide pregnancy

We have good news if you want to hide your early-stage baby bump from your family, friends, co-workers, and boss. There are many tricks, including clothes to hide pregnancy, you can use to re-direct other people’s eyes directly elsewhere and disguise your body shape changes. Therefore, lest you raise suspicions, do not overhaul your style at once. However, wear looser clothing with layered details.

clothes to hide pregnancy

Here are clothing styles and designs that you can wear to help you conceal your pregnancy bump.

1. Peasant shirt or blouse. This one of clothes to hide pregnancy is a perfect choice because it is designed to be worn loose.
2. Long tops. Longer lined tops that end in your hips. It is paired with jeans. If you have to wear a seat belt, you can unbutton it.
3. Sweater. Choose one size larger than your normal choice. The sweater paired with one of your shirts will help distract eyes away from your stomach.
4. Shirt-dresses. It is tied above or below your belly.
5. Mini-dresses with a straight cut. These clothes to hide pregnancy draw attention to your feet and not your stomach.
6. Men’s-style button-downs. However, do not choose for male size.
7. Ruffles. Tops, dresses, or shirts that have ruffles on them. Comfortable and cool.
8. Long Tunics. Pair these clothes to hide pregnancy with some skinny jeans.
9. Layers. Layers of clothing will be your best friend unless you try to hide your early pregnancy right in summer. A nice work blazer and winter coat can help you hide a growing stomach.
10. Accessories. Jewellery and scarves help draw attention away from your abdominal area.
11. Prints or Patterns. When hiding a baby bump, certain prints can do a good job. If you choose the right print, the print on the dress or shirt will really hide any bumps. Find something in diagonal print or vertical print that will help your body look slimming. Do not look for a horizontal print!
12. Black. Black makes your pregnancy bump in first, second and third trimester look smaller. Or even, this makes the bump completely disappear. Stick with dark colors including chocolate brown, dark gray, and navy blue. A loose fitting top and black legging will look amazing.
13. Continue to wear regular jeans or pants. Extend the life of your non-maternity jeans. Also, know the smart tips to buy jeans.
14. Wrap Tops. Maybe a great idea for anything that can drape across your body like a wrap top. You might just be surprised that no one will see a small bump. You just see how this works.
15. Baby Doll. Cute babydoll dress or shirt can make your baby bump invisible.
16. A large handbag. Position your bag in front of your bump. This will be a very stylish disguise.
That is what you should avoid if you want to hide your belly at work, from friends or at general. Do not wear tops or shirts that tie in the back, empire waist shirts, Lycra or any figure-hugging clothes, and anything oversized and tent-like (it will be obvious). Also, avoid wearing maternity clothes because it is just a giveaway.
Maternity clothes are designed to show your pregnancy bump. Maternity clothes are made for those who want to show the world that she is pregnant. Also, people will not notice any change in your clothes if you do not change your style too drastically. Even though your stomach is changing, you may show others that you are still the same person wearing the same kind of clothes you wear before you get pregnant. You may hide your first and second trimester for a while longer by making other people think that you are just adding some weight by wearing regular and looser clothes.

How about you? How do you choose your clothes to hide pregnancy? After learning the clothes to hide pregnancy, you can learn prenatal protein powder, whether you can take it or not during pregnancy?