Botox During Pregnancy, Is It Safe?


botox during pregnancy

Is it safe to have Botox during pregnancy? Most mothers-to-be already know what should be done and should not be done during pregnancy, such as no drinking, no smoking, and get plenty of rest. However, what about cosmetic procedures like Botox?

Although little research has been done whether Botox has any side effects on pregnant women and their unborn children, obstetricians and cosmetic surgeons advise their pregnant patients not to get this popular drug injection.

Donnica Moore, president of Sapphire Women ‘s Health Group based in New Jersey said that she would not say that botox is unsafe, but she did not recommend it. Any type of medical treatment or intervention has a risk for pregnancy. Although it is ok to use, there is no medical justification for Botox cosmetics while pregnant.

Moore said that she would not advise any of her patients to have Botox. In addition, the lack of research around the use of Botox during pregnancy should be a deterrent.

In addition, there is no way of knowing whether there will be long-term effects on the unborn child for women who have Botox before they get pregnant. Doctors are not aware of any exact risks. If you want to know more whether Botox is safe for pregnancy, read the following reviews!

botox during pregnancy

1. Is It Safe To Have Botox During Pregnancy?

Has anyone had Botox while pregnant? If you are one of them, you should keep reading this review. And, as stated before, it is not certain that Botox (botulinum toxin) is safe to use in pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should not have Botox, except for medical reasons. Even The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) also suggested it. You should not do Botox and pregnancy NHS at the same time.

Botox works by binding the nerve endings of the muscles. Then, it blocks the release of chemicals that make the muscles contract. This contracting muscle causes wrinkles and lines to appear.

In animal tests, Botox causes rodents to have babies with not develop properly, be born early, low birth weight, and even not survive. That is enough for doctors to advise against using Botox during pregnancy even though we cannot be sure that the same will happen to human babies. And, often appearing the question can Botox cause miscarriage? Although not yet known for sure, you should not have Botox to prevent that risk.

Other side effects of Botox include problems with breathing and swallowing and muscle weakness in other areas of the body. Those are rare, but they can be serious. Even so, the risk of harming your baby is low if you undergo a Botox injection perhaps before you realize that you were pregnant in the first trimester or right before you became pregnant. A single injection will not contain enough Botox to reach your baby and circulate around your body. Plus, during the rest of your pregnancy, you do not have any further Botox treatment. The same is true for hair Botox while pregnant.

Can you get Botox while breastfeeding? If you are breastfeeding your baby, you should also avoid Botox. Botox can get into breast milk and reach your baby, like many other medicines. Therefore, do not have Botox during breastfeeding.

The good news is that many pregnant women who usually got Botox before pregnant feel they do not need it when they are pregnant. As you maintain more water during your pregnancy, you can overcome the crow’s feet and lines you have.

2. How Long Should You Wait for Post-Pregnancy To Have Botox?

No matter to start Botox again once you stop breastfeeding. However, you should wait until your skin and hormones have settled down.

3. Are Fillers Ever Safe To Use In Pregnancy And While Breastfeeding?

Can you have fillers when pregnant? Including dermal fillers, there are always risks with medical intervention. Therefore, why you have to take a risk in the most precious moment of your life? In addition, fluid and weight balance may change during pregnancy. Then, how fillers can change your appearance during pregnancy?

Many doctors advise their patients not to inject during pregnancy, unless absolutely necessary for health reasons. Do not have Dysport and pregnancy at the same time.

4. If Someone Got Botox With An Unknown Pregnancy, Is It A Problem?

It often happens and there is no clinical evidence to say that it is dangerous. Many mothers who know that they are pregnant at the last Botox give birth to beautiful and healthy babies.

Well, that is the review of Botox during pregnancy. In addition, learn also home remedies for heartburn if you experience the symptoms during pregnancy.