8 Best Pregnancy Workout Apps

one of good pregnancy apps

Why do you need pregnancy workout apps? During pregnancy, you may not always feel like exercising due to lazy reason while pregnancy itself makes a lot of pressure on women’s body. However, there are many reasons why staying active and exercising during pregnancy is important.

Exercise can help many problems and overcome common complications that occur during pregnancy, such as mood swings, constipation, leg cramps, and back pain. At the point, exercise will benefit both you and your baby. It can also help you prepare you for easier delivery, increase your energy level, and control your weight.

For advice on what kind of exercise is best for you, you can go to your doctor. Then, get moving! No need to do extreme exercises. If you are not very active before you get pregnant, walking 30 minutes each day is a very good exercise. If you always exercise regularly, your doctor can tell you if your workouts need to be modified or you can continue your normal workout. Below is a list of pregnancy workout apps that will help you stay active during pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy Exercise : Weekly Workout

The Best pregnancy Exercise Apps

Get tailored workout videos that are accustomed with each week of your pregnancy. These easy-to-follow videos will explain what modifications you can make and which muscle groups they are working on. Once done, you can note your exercise. The app also includes due date date calculator as well as a resource section with videos, blogs, and more. The price of this one of pregnancy workout apps is free. You can download it via i-phone.

2. Kegel Trainer

kegel trainer app

Kegel exercises are very important for pregnant women and are also good for non-pregnant women and men. This exercise can help during and after your pregnancy because it will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Because of that, you do not get bored and challenge your muscles. In addition, this app contains 10 different exercises. The app icon and its notifications that are discreet are an added bonus. Download this one of pregnancy workout apps for iPhone, ios, and Android. The price of this app is free.

3. Sculpt My Pregnancy

Sculpt app

Pregnancy can cause new aches and pains, especially in the back and during labor. This app will help overcome your back and pelvic pain because this one of pregnancy workout apps gives you a series of stretches and exercises sections. This exercise will help before, during, and after your pregnancy by helping to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance.

No need to concern with this application because it is developed by certified physical therapists and trainers. Download Sculpt My Pregnancy for iPhone and ios with free.

4. Prenatal Workouts

pregnancy yoga app

This simple pregnancy yoga app free is the right choice if you are looking for some low-impact exercise during your pregnancy. Yoga-based exercises are designed without the necessary tools or special clothing, each for only 20 minutes, and accustomed for each trimester.

Because of that, you can do it anywhere and anytime. To add motivation, to continue to the next section of yoga mama apps, you have to complete one routine first. The timer will make sure you do each exercise with the right amount of time. In addition, simple graphics will be easy to follow. The price of this one of pregnancy exercise apps is free and you can download it for Android and iPhone.

5. Pregnancy Workout Advisor


This one of good pregnancy apps provides exercises that are designed with illustrated instructions on how to do it each one, with text, and for each stage of your pregnancy. Good features include the description of the best and most comfortable sleeping position as your belly grows and a weight tracker. The ability to find services you may need near you and a baby growth section will feature this helpful app. The price is free and can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.

6. Pregnant and Fit!

pregnant and fit! app

This one of best pregnancy workout programs is very easy to use and intuitive. Each exercise has a choice of intensity for each level of fitness and stage of pregnancy. Each of which includes posture exercising and stretching and there are 75 different exercises to choose from. This is the one for you if you are looking for a simple and easy exercise app to keep you fit throughout pregnancy. The price of this app is $2.99.

7. Pregnancy Workout Today

Pregnancy Workout Today

This is a great pregnancy weekly workout app to keep track of your overall health during your pregnancy. The Pregnancy Workout Today app also serves as a health guide during your pregnancy journey and not only shows the exercises for each stage of pregnancy. This includes topics such as rules to follow to ensure you exercise safely and when to avoid exercise. It also comes with exercises routines that can help you overcome the pain of labor. This user interface app is free.

8. Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan

Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan

One of the common problems for women both during and after pregnancy is urinary incontinence and vaginal discharge. Things that can prevent it or manage it when it happens are exercising and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. In addition, this exercise is easy to follow. You can also get timely tips and health information for your stage of pregnancy if you enter your due date.

And, you can set reminders. This one of pregnancy workout apps will help you find useful services in your area if you have pelvic floor issues. The price is free. Read another review about best apps for pregnancy to find out other useful apps when you are pregnant.