6 Best Pregnancy Apps For Dads

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You must be very aware of your generation of technology dependency. For example, when you have got a new baby, you will need all the help you can get from this technology. This is the time of total fear, fatigue, and confusion so that equipping your phone with pregnancy apps for dads is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are some favorite pregnancy apps for dads.

1. HoneyDo

HoneyDo is rather expensive for one of the pregnancy apps the for dads. However, the price is comparable to its benefits that will be given to moms-to-be. If the expectant mother has an irresistible desire for a certain meal, you simply pick up the phone and add it to the husband or boyfriend list for quick delivery when viewing it on his phone.

HoneyDo is a popular task manager that helps you keep track of your own task list and also manages your husband’s duties. When creating tasks, you can have a quick IM, add sub-lists, check out tasks you have done, and offer fake gifts as incentives, like cupcakes, beer, money, or love.

This is the application to help with your housework and allow busy moms to get everything done with the help of their husbands. The cost of HoneyDo is $4.99

2. Pregnant Dad Lite- Free

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If you like free apps, this one of pregnancy apps for dads is the right one. This app has all the key data to allow you to keep track of your baby as he or she keeps growing although this app is very basic in appearance. All you have to do is write down your baby’s due date, and then the app programs will update it daily with details about how many days since conception, length, weight, and some tips often appear on your main screen.

You need to upgrade to the full version which offers more frequent and detailed daily info to get more advice. Download this app for ios, iPhone, and Android.

3. Pregnancy For Man

This one of pregnancy apps for dads offers useful advice and information that are directed to dads-to-be and mostly centers on pregnancy milestones. Actually Pregnancy For Man app is based on bestselling book whose same name. It offers a look at what happens inside the belly month-by-month in pregnant women in general.

This has very funny and honest audios of men that offer advice. In addition the app offers a glimpse of the current pregnancy news. Although the app is not the only one pregnancy app that you want, but it is informative and very useful. The cost of this app is $0.99.

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4. MrMom – FREE

MrMom is a brilliant one of pregnancy app for dads android. This app offers many words of wisdom. All you have to do is enter the baby’s due date, and that’s it. What this application will do is giving you daily facts about pregnancy, some about the baby, then some about your wife or girlfriend.

For example, today the app tells the dads-to-be “ask what you can do to help the moms’ comfort”, for example, if expectant mom experience vaginal discharge. Or, maybe yesterday it told you, “baby’s lungs have matured, but babies still grow about half ounce per week”. Or, it will tell all the useful stuffs for pregnancy and the perfect food for breakfast in the morning. MrMom fee is free. Download this user interface app for ios, iPhone, and Android.

5. mPregnancy – for Men with Pregnant Women

When you wonder what your man thinks about your pregnancy, do his eyes say boredom? This app has a way to keep your spouse’s attention with the combination of accurate pregnancy information and humor. Although this app is not as comprehensive as other pregnancy applications because it does not have a contraction timer or other similar tools, it has an informative FAQ section covering random but useful topics such as foods that are prohibited during pregnancy.

In addition, you will find a growth chart that compares the size of a fetus with things like football, pizza, and beer bottles. Plus, you will find the weekly development stages. People will also love the scoreboard that keeps track of the days left until the baby is born.

6. Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s Your Daddy app is the first pregnancy guide from Australia for dads-to-be although it initially sounds like a handheld digital test? This handy little tool will guide the entire nine months pregnancy of your wife/girlfriend although initially may seem expensive because the price tag is $2.99.

Whos Your Daddy app android offer daily tips by using lighthearted banter and intended for men with advice from a midwife. There is even a countdown when you enter this one of pregnancy apps for dads, just to remind how long you can last until your baby is born. Know the pregnancy workout apps because moms-to-be require exercise to maintain fitness and wellness during pregnancy.