Best Books About Pregnancy

The next nine months, you will find new things especially if you are a new mom-to-be. Even if you have been pregnant before, no two pregnancies are similar. And, if you have never had a pregnancy before, you would be wondering what’s normal and what’s not. That is where the best books about pregnancy will guide you. The best book about pregnancy is filled with information that can definitely make mom’s and dad’s minds and brains at ease.

1. The Witty Guide

best books about pregnancy

Just as you hear stories from your best friend, this best book about pregnancy gives you information about what really happens during pregnancy. It is written directly that balances brutal honesty with reassurance. In addition, the book is written in a hilarious. A reader said that the book is realistic without being scary or too focused on anything that can go wrong.

Women who have not read this book often mention that the author is too worried to see obesity or overweight during pregnancy. However, many people seem to find comfort in the author’s honest story about his emotional insecurity. That helps them feel little pressure to have a perfect pregnancy.

2. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy by Mayo Clinic

best books about pregnancy

What does this pregnancy book say? This best book about pregnancy breaks down moms from month to month and unborn baby’s growth by week and includes a 40-week pregnancy calendar, illustrations, and symptom guides. More importantly: this book provides reliable medical information from a reputable Mayo Clinic doctor. In addition, as an added bonus, the doctors also know exactly what you are going through during pregnancy because they are mom and dad too.

3. Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

best books about pregnancy

For thousands of years, women have had babies without the benefits of modern medicine. A midwife who praises the virtues of natural birth is the author of Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. Gaskin acknowledged that pain is often part of the birth and also argues that sometimes natural childbirth can be an orgasmic experience.

This best pregnancy books 2017 discusses handling delivery without drugs, how to reduce your risks in any setting (even a hospital), the dangers involved with anesthesia, and what episiotomies are a good idea. This includes narratives where other women share their stories, and there are detailed photos of childbirth.

4. The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide To Pregnancy and Childbirth

best books about pregnancy

Genevieve Howland started as a blogger and You Tuber under the name Mama Natural. Now she brings natural parenting and pregnancy tips to print. Her best book about pregnancy offers week-by-week guides for women who are interested in getting pregnant. Interestingly, this is taken from a natural, non-medical point of view. There are tips to ease symptoms with natural treatment and how to get the right nutrition. The book also comes with personal stories from women who have had positive experiences through natural route.

5. The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book

best books about pregnancy

This updated and detailed best book for new moms brings out amazing illustrations, 3D scans, and photos that reveal exactly what’s happening to you and your baby every step of the way. Learn from world-class experts on everything during pregnancy.

You can learn how your hormones prepare you for birth and how early the fetus develops. Plus, get valuable advice from parents, midwives, and obstetricians about medical matters, your baby’s development, diet, fitness, changing your body, and much more. Be fully prepared for childbirth with information about the first pain and intimate moments with your baby.

6. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide

What is this pregnancy book delivered? Just like the title, the guide covers all aspects of pregnancy, labor and early stages of the baby. The book was first published in 1979 and revised several times. In addition, this is filled with information about what to expect with your growing belly, as well as answers to your baby questions, latest research, and nutrition. This book to read while pregnant with the baby is a must-have. Besides you can have printed pregnancy books, you can also have pregnancy books free download that you can get for free.

That is the review of top 6 best books about pregnancy you should have to guide you for the next nine months. What you need to know also is pregnancy safe makeup that will not harm your unborn baby.