Belly Binding After Pregnancy, What And Why?

belly binding after pregnancy

Does belly binding after pregnancy just get-skinny-quick gimmick or will it help women regain their figure back? Fans said that these girdle-like garments can ease the swelling of the uterus and support the legs and back. Belly binding after pregnancy basically shrinks and wraps the belly.

However, others said it is an illusion. Exercising and eating healthy foods is the only way to get in shape after pregnancy. Others argued that this belly binding may have a role in addition to fitness and healthy eating. Here is what to know before you buy one, including postpartum belly wrap after C section.

I. What is Belly Binding After Pregnancy?

One that can be an important part of recovery after delivery and childbirth is binding your belly. Your belly is wrapped tightly to support your body’s natural healing process using bengkung belly binding materials that are silk fabric, muslin, or cotton.

Belly binding has traditionally been used to provide postpartum body support to help support to the torso, support loosened ligaments, reduce weight gain, improves posture, and the abdominal wall muscle retraction while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy position and size. Binding a belly can be done under using under wrap or over your clothes.

II. What Are The Benefits of Belly Binding?

belly binding after pregnancy

There are several benefits of belly binding after pregnancy, including:

1. Lower Back Support
Lower back will also be supported by belly binding after pregnancy. It is well known that the back muscles have a direct connection with the abdominal muscles. According to, your back muscles and abdominal muscles give you strength to keep your body upright and for moving.

These two muscles are a key component of muscle tissue. Additional stress will be applied to the spine as it sustains the body when the core muscle is in bad condition. Therefore, back pain and back injury are more likely to occur. The back is also supported when the abdomen is supported. Having lower back support helps improve posture and reduces strain.

2. Pelvic Support
In addition to supporting the abdominal and back areas, the bengkung belly binding kit also provides support to your pelvic area. The women’s body produces something which is called Relaxin during childbirth. This Relaxin helps their body become physically more flexible and looser to give birth to their baby.

When binding postpartum, Relaxin in the body will press the hip and pelvis to get back to its pre-pregnancy state more easily. Because Relaxin is reduced in the body, it also helps to support and strengthen the areas that are still loose from pregnancy.

3. Repairing The Diastasis Recti
Developing uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen during pregnancy, according to the Mayo Clinic. That may cause diastasis recti abdominis or diastasis recti. This is when the two large parallel bands of muscles meet in the middle of the stomach to separate. Belly binder for weight loss is very helpful in bringing the bands of muscles back together. It is meant to support and strengthen muscles more effectively.

4. Spiritual or Emotional Benefits
Because women can breastfeed without worrying about their belly being exposed, many of them enjoy the modesty. The women can also focus on recovery and healing process and enjoy the process of taking care of their bodies. They can really take that time each day dealing with their new self and their new role as mothers and for their self-care. Many women especially if they do not receive the birth they envisioned use binding as symbolic closure or spiritual of their pregnancy.

III. For Best Bengkung Belly Binding Results

Women’s belly should be wrapped immediately after delivery and childbirth. It should be done ideally on day five postpartum. The binding belly should be worn for at least 40 days or more, for 10-12 hours per day, daily.

Often women who use binding belly in 6-8 weeks after childbirth back to their own pre-pregnancy size. A cesarean delivery woman must wait until the incision is largely healed, at least 6 weeks, before being wrapped. After you do that, see the result of bengkung belly binding before and after.

That is a review of belly binding after pregnancy. After knowing how to get back body weight and size after delivery and childbirth, also learn about clear blue pregnancy test reviews if you are a mother who is trying to get pregnant.