At Home Ultrasound For Pregnancy

at home ultrasound for pregnancy

Do you need at home ultrasound for pregnancy? The joy of pregnancy begins when you hear from your doctor that your life will change or when you receive a + sign on your pregnancy test. Of course, this is from the perspective of a woman who usually comes from a mother-to-be feeling.

However, a man also feels the change of life creation. Since then, a baby in the mother’s womb starts its growth and development. The baby clearly experiences many stages of growth long before childbirth. She/ he changes from an embryo to look like more human. The curiosity of pending parent always gets the best from at home ultrasound for pregnancy because many parents want to see their baby long before the birth date.

A doctor uses the ultrasound device to ensure the baby’s development runs smoothly and to ensure the health of a baby. The ultrasound device has allowed parents to be assured that their baby is doing well and also see their baby’s growth. The ultrasound device also lets parents listen to the strong baby’s heartbeat.

I. Pros of At Home Ultrasound For Pregnancy

at home ultrasound for pregnancy

Wouldn’t it be nice if you no longer had to wait for a doctor’s appointment to see and listen to your baby’s growth? The concept design of at home ultrasound machine for pregnancy has the potential to allow you to see your baby right from your smartphone.

The ultrasound device connects to your iPhone, and you will be able to see your baby who is still in the mother’s womb on your smartphone. You also have the ability to instantly share your baby photos via Wi-Fi with your friends and family.

No need to worry if checking your baby is not with your doctor. It is because information from this home ultrasound machine will be sent to your doctor from your smartphone. The doctor can then observe the early pregnancy ultrasound results. Then, he/ she can give you updates without you having to leave the comfort of your home.

This ultrasound device or portable ultrasound machine for pregnancy also has a role as a printer. Therefore, you can print the growth of your baby and put his/ her picture on the scrapbook or on your refrigerator. And, once the baby arrives at the world, this ultrasound for pregnancy can be your baby’s monitor.

This 3d ultrasound, a 4d ultrasound device or home sonogram machine makes parents and baby very intimate even by preventing you to travel outdoors, detaching you from the cold utensils commonly used to see the baby, and keeping you away from a sickly doctor’s office. This device also allows you to imagine your baby and share happiness with others when you have the baby.

II. Cons of At Home Ultrasound For Pregnancy

at home ultrasound for pregnancy

Is it safe to use at home ultrasound during pregnancy to listen to my baby’s heartbeat? Are ultrasounds safe? Actually, this is not a good idea. The U.S Food and Drug Administration warns that at home ultrasound for pregnancy should only be used when there is a medical need and only by a health professional. For example, during your prenatal appointment, your doctor will use the ultrasound device to listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

Although you can buy your own at home mini ultrasound machine for pregnancy and use it at home to try to detect your baby’s heartbeat, it is not as easy as it looks. And, the effect of repeated and long-term use can show the baby to ultrasound waves from this at home mini ultrasound machine for pregnancy. Therefore, you should use this machine according to the pregnancy ultrasound schedule.

Here’s how ultrasounds work: the ultrasound device or at home sonogram machine for pregnancy send high-frequency sound waves into your baby after it passes through your skin and body tissue. The waves then return to the device when it encounters movement, like your baby’s heartbeat. You can hear your baby’s heartbeat after the device translates the movement into sound, which is amplified by the machine.

The problem is that whatever moves within you, whether it is your baby’s kicks, the blood flowing in your arteries, or the air moving in your intestines, is also translated into sound. That’s why ultrasounds could be dangerous if you cannot use them.

To distinguish baby’s heartbeat from other sounds, it takes a lot of practice and exercise. And, even if you find your baby’s heartbeat, you may not be aware of changes in rhythm that might indicate problems with your baby’s heartbeat. Therefore, you need to know using ultrasounds safely.

There is a better way to keep an eye on how your baby grows and grows. Pay attention to your baby’s movements, and then remember how your baby moves regularly. Plus, contact your doctor or midwife immediately if you notice a decrease in her/ his activity.

That’s the review of at home ultrasound for pregnancy. Before using the ultrasound device when you are pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test and know the best time to take an at home pregnancy test if you are expecting a baby.