Assured Pregnancy Test With 99% Accuracy

Assured Pregnancy Test Accuracy

A woman is confused about pregnancy whether she is pregnant or not. To check it, she has to buy a lot of pregnancy kits. You can us assured pregnancy test that is affordable enough. These test kits are accurate and sensitive. Then, how reliable this pregnancy test?

How accurate are assured pregnancy tests? The assured pregnancy test provides a result that you can trust with the accuracy of more than 99%. Plus, they will show the result in just 3 minutes and they are easy to use. This product is sold in department stores and clinics. What is the product? It is assured pregnancy test pink, its result is quickly in 3 minutes, and it is over 99% accurate.

I. Assured Pregnancy Test Accuracy

This pregnancy test is the low price but works like other home pregnancy tests brand. You can use the absorbent tip of this test kit to check your urine if you suspect pregnancy. To give the result, it only takes about three minutes.

The hormone hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in your urine sample will be identified by this pregnancy test. Your body starts producing these hormones when you are pregnant. However, even if you are pregnant, it is not produced immediately. It takes time to test the pregnancy. You have to wait a few days after ovulation.

Your egg is fertilized with your partner’s sperm during ovulation. The egg that is then called embryo spends a few days travel down the fallopian tube after conception occurs. Then, it implants itself in the uterus lining. From ovulation to implantation, it takes almost six to ten days. That is when your body starts producing hormone hCG. This is the reason until you miss your menstrual period, you will not know that you are pregnant.

II. Assured Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

how accurate are assured pregnancy tests

Although not ultra-sensitive in detecting hCG, this test kit is 99% accurate. Because of that, after fertilization occurs, it will not detect the low levels of hormone hCG which presents in your body. This is the reason you have to wait a few days after missing your period before taking the kits. Most experts agree that when your menstrual period is late for a week, you will get the most accurate result.

III. How to Read Assured Pregnancy Test Instructions?

This pregnancy test can detect hCG levels of 20mIU / ml. The instructions on the packaging clearly tell you how to take the test. Firstly, urinate into a disposable cup. Then, use a pipette to draw a small amount of urine from the cup. Secondly, use the pipette to drop urine into the slot in the kit. Wait for the urine to flow over the strip. The result will be seen after it is done.

Assured Pregnancy Test Instructions

You can get three results while taking this pregnancy test. The positive result is shown by two lines. Negative result that means you are not pregnant is shown by one line. No lines show an incorrect result. That could be because the test kit has passed the expired date or you do not use the test as instructed. To wait for the result, it may be very stressful. You will be filled with anticipation at the same time.

IV. Assured Pregnancy Test Faint Line

This pregnancy test will show two lines if you are pregnant. Sometimes, the variable line is faint. Whether you are pregnant or not, it can cause confusion. Even if the line is very faint, it is a positive result.

Your urine does not have enough amount of hCG when you test assured pregnancy test how early. Therefore, the line variable is faint. However, the faint line also indicates that you have used the kit correctly. To get confirmation, you should schedule a meeting with your doctor. The doctor will perform a more accurate test. Usually, your doctor performs the test 10 days after your missed menstrual period.

That is the review of an assured pregnancy test. Read another review about signs of ectopic pregnancy so that you can prevent this problem. In addition, find out home pregnancy test DIY to make your own home pregnancy test kits.