8 Best Apps For Pregnancy

other best apps for pregnancy

Pregnancy is an extraordinarily wonderful time. Each day, there is something new to learn. To help you during this wonderful time, there are best apps for pregnancy that are designed to make the most of this nine months. From tips, informative articles to contraction tracker, and baby name finders, these apps have them all.

1. 50.000 Baby Names

50.000 Baby Names

Finding a perfect baby name can be difficult. However, this one of the best apps for pregnancy will help you make things easier. You can browse origins, meanings, popularity, and more with search, sort, and filter options. Then, save your favorites in the app. You can even invite friends. Then, you and your friends can add names to the shared list. There are 50,000 names in this app if you really want a popular or unique name. This is one of the free pregnancy apps.

2. Sprout – Pregnancy Essentials

Sprout app

Sprout is consistently rated as one of the best apps for pregnancy on the market. This application is developed by doctors and is the latest and comprehensive application for moms-to-be. This includes programs like a weight tracker, a track of your planner, a contraction timer, a kick counter, to-do lists, and fetal developmental charts and timelines.

One of the best features is the 3-dimensional picture of your baby’s appearance at each stage. Sprout is easy to use and can be personalized with names for your baby-to-be, baby’s gender, and your due date. This app even allows you to write your special pregnancy moments in the Pregnancy Journal. Then, you can export it as an e-book. The cost of this app is $3.99

3. BabyCenter


In the BabyCenter app, there is the Bumpie feature and the Contraction Counter. The Bumpie feature gives you a calendar reminder to take bumps at regular intervals. With the user interface feature, you can track your belly’s growth. The Contraction Counter will help you overcome your contractions.

People say positive things about BabyCenter’s community forum, different from other best apps for pregnancy. Many people love to be part of this community forum. They learn many things they will never learn from books or read online. Download the app for iPhone, ios, or Android.

4. Pregnancy Exercise – weekly workout

In this app, you can watch an exercise video that uses yoga, Pilates, and strength exercises to tone the muscles needed for healthy pregnancy and delivery. The best part is you do not need an expensive gym membership because you can do all these exercises at home without any additional tools.

5. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro


BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is one of the most comprehensive pregnancy applications out there. This app is an Award Winner. It provides a baby names guide, pregnancy forums, weight and belly measurement trackers, a due date countdown, and daily and weekly details about your growing baby.

All of these features are more packaged in a stylish and intuitive design and very useful. It is no surprise this application is so popular. The price of this app is free. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro can be downloaded via i-phone, ios, and Android.

6. Positive Pregnancy

positive pregnancy app

Pregnancy is a happy moment, is not it? However, you may feel worried about everything and anything from the health of your developing baby. You are like being on an emotional roller coaster. This one of good pregnancy apps aims to help you rearrange your perspective, offer tools to calm your hormonally charged nerves, and maintain a healthy mindset during pregnancy.

The not-too-cheesy relaxation meditations, affirmations, visualizations, and techniques are easy enough for anyone to follow and focus on the mom-to-be needs. For example, to sleep, relax, and de-stress, connect with babies in your stomach, increase energy during the day, and relieve discomfort, for example from vaginal discharge. The price of this app is $2.99.

7. What To Expect

top pregnancy apps

What To Expect When You Are Expecting is a very popular app and is the most widely read pregnancy book. Some people love this app more than the book. The timeliness of the information about your pregnancy and delivery is the best feature of this application. Another much loved feature is the fruit size tracker. With the feature, it is great to know when your babies are blueberry, when they are orange, and while they are avocado. Download this one of top pregnancy apps for iPhone or Android.

8. My Pregnancy Today App


What fruit is your growing baby the size of today? BabyCenter’s classic pregnancy tracker and baby calendar app development is a guide through your pregnancy. This is a daily, week-by-week guide in your pregnancy. Expect fun and helpful tools like a bumpy photo diary, contraction timer, kick counter, and the baby name finder. Explore exercise advice, food and nutrition tips, articles and videos from BabyCenter experts, and much more in this one of the best apps for pregnancy.