20 Creative Punishments For High School Students

Creative Punishments For High School Students

Creative punishments for high school students- Parenting days make you have to improvise and produce a new plan. When your children who are high school students miss their grades, you should take away some of your oldest’s privileges. Usually, you will take the typical things; electronics, video games, television, etc.

The problem is, without you knowing you are being punished because now you have to find a way to cheer them up because they are bored. Of course, you’ve been with your kids at different stages of their lives. However, your goal now is to find that balance so that they will not get bored and you can finish your weekend work.

Creative Punishments For High School Students

You will certainly need a list of creative punishments for high school students that do not punish the parent. Is it proper to take away computer or TV? How is one child in trouble finding ways to antagonize other children? It makes your children have to suffer the consequences together. Here is a list that will work as punishment for high school students.

1. Cleaning cabinet doors. This can be one of the punishment ideas for teenager or high school students.
2. Clean the baseboards. This one is recommended by some people. This one of creative punishment for high school students will keep the house clean.
3. Empty the litter box. Maybe your oldest child will complain all the time and hope to have nothing to do with this one.
4. Pickup sticks in the yard.
5. Wash windows.
6. Vacuum. Your kids will enjoy it too much.
7. Clean the bathroom.
8. Take out the trash. Maybe your children will turn it down because it is too dirty.
9. Clean the grout on tile floors. This one of creative punishments for high school students will keep your floor clean.
10. Clean the blinds. The dust on the blinds could be gone!
11. Pull weeds.
12. Scrub the toilets. The toilet is certainly very dirty, this punishment will help clean it up.
13. Do the dishes. Have your child wash the dishes after dinner that will be their routine in the long period of time.
14. Fold the laundry.
15. Dust.
16. Clean the pet hair from the vacuum. Maybe your children will love this one today because they can “play around” with vacuum and pet. However, be careful you will likely find a nerf bullet that clogs holes and vacuums.
17. Organize the Tupperware cabinet. Your child may not enjoy it at all.
18. Clean the junk drawer.
19. Dust light fixtures or fans.
20. Organize the pantry. Twenty funny punishments ideas can you try yourself at home to your children.

Without you realize that the day of punishment is very pleasant and this will bring you and your child closer. Although your child may be trying to resist some tasks, they cannot argue or say “No” because they are punished. At the end of the day, you will realize that you yell a lot less today and you are not doing all the housework yourself.

Creative Punishments For High School Students

Apparently, there are some advantages when they are in trouble. The worst punishment for your child is that they are not allowed to do what they like. For example, your child’s greatest punishment is not to be reading all day because he/she loves to read. He/she can escape a book 24 hours a day if you let it.

Twenty punishments above can be applied how to punish students in school if you are a teacher who has students with unacceptable behavior. Classroom punishment examples are that you can make your student clean cabinet doors, clean the baseboards, scrub the toilets, etc.

Are there other ways have you been successful at creating creative punishments for high school students without suffering? Learn also how to discipline a teenager.